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I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you Jessica and your team at Memory Lane Home Health for the care and help you have given my mother. It is so comforting to me to know that you always have her best interests at heart.

— J.S.; Fredericksburg, VA
respite care
respite care

Respite Care

What’s Included in Our Respite Care Services

Respite Care involves short term or temporary care of the sick or disabled for a few hours or weeks, designed to provide relief to the regular caregiver. The regular caregiver is usually a family member.

About Respite Care

Sometimes primary caregivers just need a break.  At Memory Lane Home Health Care we can provide that respite for you.   We understand how much you care for and love your elderly family member. We also understand that at times, you need to take care of your needs also.

Respite care can provide critical relief for family members. A spouse, an adult child, or other primary caregiver can be at risk of burnout during long term caregiving responsibilities due to progressive physical or cognitive decline.

Often the primary caregiver will neglect their own physical and emotional health due to increasing demands from loved ones with degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s, terminal cancers, and other serious conditions.

Important Signs of Caregiver Burnout

For your health and the health of your dependent elderly family member, recognizing the early signs of caregiver burnout is a crucial first step to getting the qualified assistance you need.


Feeling overwhelmed is normal and is experienced by other caregivers. Understanding this helps handle feelings of guilt associated with any less than positive thoughts regarding the care of your elderly family member.

Anger, Depression, Resentment

As a caregiver you might be feeling angry at the loss of independence you once enjoyed with your family member. The changes in your family circumstances might have also left you feeling depressed and anxious about the future. With little time to think about your needs, feelings of resentment can rise to the surface. All of which will have a negative impact on the well-being of yourself and your dependent family member.

These feeling are normal, therefore it is important to find an outlet for them; talking to others in a similar situation can be tremendously helpful and energizing. Your professional respite care provider may be able to help locate a suitable caregiver support group in your area.

Activities for Your Family Member During Respite Care

While you are away relaxing, we can provide companionship style service to include:

  • Conversation
  • Help preparing a meal
  • Medication reminders
  • Personal care duties you would otherwise perform
  • Other in place support services as pre-arranged

Thinking respite care might meet your family’s needs? Contact us today for a chat. Licensed, local and caring, Memory Lane Home Health Care Services are waiting to meet your needs.

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